Cow Houses

Wintering Barns

The future of dairy farming

Your farming operation’s performance is affected by countless variables. And – more often than not – those variables cut into your bottom line.

Imagine if you could control some of those variables?

A Free Stall Cow House allows you to control some of those variables that cut into your bottom line.

 If its muddy or miserably cold you can choose to hold your cows off pasture and house them in a specially designed facility that reduces physical stress , promotes condition and enhances milk production.

No more running around in the rain getting the cows in through winter, no more cows stuck in the mud, no more pugged up pasture, no more valuable feed wasted…imagine that !

Take control of your animals wellbeing, with reductions in illness, improved physical condition, improved fertility rates and increased milk production, all at the same time.

Manage your valuable farm resources and the environment around you, with more efficient use of feed, lower labour inputs, control of effluent runoff, better pasture condition and optimum spring growth.

In short a Free Stall Cow House gives you increased control over your farm ,pasture and animal management. Critically it lets you farm irrespective of what mother nature throws at you and sensitively manage animal welfare and the environment, all while improving your farms profitability.

The Cow House Construction Limited philosophy takes the best of New Zealand’s pasture based farming practices and combines them with the most advanced European practices. The result is a system which allows cows to be outside during the best of New Zealand’s weather, but warmly housed and fed during the short, cold, muddy days of winter. In the shoulder seasons – and at any time during the year – the Cow House can be brought into play as a covered feed pad and provide shelter from the summer heat and drying winds.

Cow House Design The Free Stall Cow House utilizes the best in European experience, combined with the best in New Zealand pasture based farming to create a hybrid system specifically for New Zealand farmers and New Zealand conditions. All Cow House Construction NZ Limited buildings are designed ensuring sustainable farming practices, the highest levels of animal welfare, maximum production gains, efficient use of feed and ultimately increased farm profitability.

Central Feed Lane
The central feed lane allows a conventional side feed silage wagon to deliver the correct mix of feed, nutrients and essential elements to provide the exact nutritional requirements to the herd.  The feed lane is designed to make efficient use of feed, reduce wastage and ensure maximum production gains. The Cow House can be used as a covered feed pad for supplementary feeding during summer months also.

Pasture Utilisation
The ability to take cows off pasture during periods of adverse weather when good pasture can be damaged and valuable feed lost, enables maximum utilization of feed and ensures you are able to take advantage of the best growing conditions year round.

Water On Tap
Water troughs are strategically located along the length of the building within the walking areas allowing the cows to feed and drink all day.

Climate Control (instead of Temperature)
The specially designed roof allows the correct balance of shade, natural light, UV and ventilation. By keeping the cows warm and dry during the cold winter months feed is more efficiently used, higher milk production is attained and an extended milking season can also be expected. During the hottest summer days the Cow House can be used to provide shade, supplementary feed  and a cool resting place.

Sleeping Bays
The design of the Free Stall Cow House incorporates walking areas, feeding lanes and individual sleeping bays allow the cows to walk freely within the building or choose an area to stand or lay down and rest in warm insulated comfort. Each sleeping bay is lined with a purpose-designed matting which is both insulating and minimizes bacterial transfer. Well rested cows are observed in better condition and with significantly higher milk production.

Hoof Health
The walking areas feature either a unique ‘diamond stamped’ concrete surface or a non-slip rubber matting designed to working with the specific shape of the cows hooves to prevent slipping and minimize hoof issues.

Animal Health
All aspects of the Cow House are designed with the cow in mind providing an environment that reduces instances of arthritis, mastitis and illness, while also ensuring physical condition and the resulting improved fertility rates.

The design of the unique vented ridge, combined with the wind break fabric side walls ensures the animals are kept warm and dry, while maintaining optimum ventilation to prevent the buildup of odour or bacteria.

Automated scraper systems travel continuously along the walking lanes removing effluent to a central floor drain as a thick sludge. The scraper systems do not require water or additional labour enabling the buildings to be self cleaning.

Time Management
The integration of a Free Stall Cow House into your existing dairy operation will reduce the stress on your animals and your staff due to the reduced time out in the weather, shorter walking distances, less lame cows, improved fertility, less health issues overall and the ability to further invest in the management of your farm.

The effluent sludge removed from the Cow House can be stored for extended periods in specially designed holding ponds, ready to be applied to the land during summer months or when there is minimal opportunity for runoff.

Animal Welfare
Given the option of a Free Stall Cow House or a cold, wet, winter pasture, cows will happily wander into their house. Once inside, they are free to rest, roam or feed at their leisure.

Cow Houses can be built to hold any herd size, with options from 100 cows or up to 3000 cows. Cow House Construction NZ Limited can tailor a specific design to meet your needs, enabling it to be integrated with your existing farming practices. A typical 600 cow building would be 35m wide x 145m long and incorporates feeding, resting and walking lanes within a purpose designed building.

Cow House based farming requires less labour than pasture based farming reducing labour costs. The use of this farming system provides a better working environment for staff and can improve staff retention and reduce management input.