The success of any good dairy project relies upon the smooth movement of cows to and from the cow house or dairy milking shed.

Cow House Construction NZ limited offer full design and build based construction of all yards including round yards, rectangular yards and drafting yards.

Working alongside industry specialist in the design of cow handling equipment and yards, we are able to offer full design build systems for your dairy operation. We can then either work in with your local engineering firm, yard supplier or we can look after the entire project from start to finish.

Yards Systems need to be designed to reduce labour involvement, present cows in a controlled manner through yards that promote their movement through the next part of the process with minimal fuss and delay.

The design of the yards needs to take into account the cows natural preference in movement and line of sight, including relevant slopes and rail design.

Including Round Yards, Rectangular Yards and Drafting yards to meet your specific needs;

Yards and Services

Centre posts – round yards

Water glands

Power glands

Effluent drains

Nib walls to retain effluent

Unique entrance and exit designs

Fully galvanized rails and posts

Backing gates

Top gate – High rail

Overhead gate – rectangular yard

Unique non-slip stamped concrete surface

Vet race

Drafting unit and weigh platform integration

Holding pen

Hoof care area

Loading race / ramp